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A huge keyboard bravery congrats to all those who wrote, types and dialed Cornell High School to complain about being part of a national fad… Taking a knee

So to recap what i’m blabbering about; at a recent football, the quasi-intelligent Cornell HS cheer squad decided to join the national fad of taking a knee during the National Anthem with a VFW Color Guard present.

OK, I’m not thrilled with the concept of taking a knee during the national anthem by anyone. Yes one cannot like the decision either, but ya gotta agree at least it’s a peaceful protest even though some do not understand the reasoning for it. Kinda like the ice bucket challenge a few years back.

But for those who were offended, outside those that were in attendance such as the VFW Color Guard, to have the whimsical idea of calling the school district and issues threats towards the school is simply pathetic. What have you done with your outrage? Well for one the local police have double security of school grounds plus the neighborhood surrounding the school to go along with the school having to cancel homecoming just in case some genius decides to take action.

Yes threats of violence is always makes one feel patriotic, especially against training bras and a pimply faced student cheer section.

So taking a knee has been going on for over a month now thanks to San Fran QB Colin Kaepernick’s first move to start a national conversation. Oh he started a national conversation, scratch that, started a national feud that has put money in his and the NFL’s pocket in jersey sales. Honestly if you’re gonna buy his jersey to burn, is it worth $100 or more to do so? You’re just giving your money to him anyway

There’s nothing wrong to protest, it’s become a tradition to protest anything since the early 60’s.

Protest for Equal Rights for women, one would just burn a bra.

Want to strike fear into the minds of minorities or Catholics or military rivals, do as the Scotts used to due and set a Cross ablaze.

However, standing for the National Anthem at any event is a stance of honor. Unless you’re in your living room watching, because I would gather that 0.0001% stand for the Anthem at home.



  1. Yes I called the school but no threats. Just told them I was a Vet and thought the cheerleaders were disrespectful & don't they teach respect in school anymore. The school handled it badly. Should have immediately issued an apology and given some disciplinary action to those involed. The entire school is now being punished as a direct result of the cheerleaders actions secondarily to the public response. Hopefully the school approached it that way but I doubt it. By the way what did happen to the students involved.

  2. Thx for the reply.. I wasn't knocking those who protested, well I'll say correctly. Calling about ones displeasure in one thing, calling and leaving threats of violence is completely different and puts everyone on the defensive, especially in today's world


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