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“it doesn’t matter” whether the women are “liars” or not because the conversation about sexual abuse distracts from “the real issues” – Dr. Ben Carson 10/14/16 Morning Joe

Yes Dr Carson you are correct, there are way too many distractions this election cycle and we can only blame the candidates for that problem. Hell yeah, I want policy talk not bedroom talk. I want to hear about foreign policy and not emails or hot mic moments, but the problem is Media and the absent minded voter only want to hear soundbites for the emotional response at the polls.

Yes Hillary is too blame for her 4 decades of cold-hearted bitch characterization.

Yes Donnie is too blame for his 4 decades of arrogant rich dick characterization.

Both are the perfect villain for the American electorate to loathe but love just enough to vote to cancel the other out.

We deserve this and we accept this. Well acceptance only when it’s not your nominee.

It’s becoming almost impossible to keep track of all the mud being thrown by Hillary/Donnie and the surrogates. For crying out loud, Hillary has the Big “O” out there, flying around on Air Force 1 trying to bring her good fortune but all he can talk about is Donnie’s downfalls. STFU, tell me Hillary’s policies and how much they’ll equal a possible third term.

Donnie’s surrogates ain’t much better, especially with Newtie Gingrich out there making statements like ““The little Trump is frankly pathetic. I mean, he’s mad over not getting a phone call” on Fox’s Business Channel. Apparently Donnie was whining like a little boy because he didn’t a congrats phone call from Speaker Ryan after last Sunday’s debate and it’s embarrassing to Newt to see Donnie act like that.

It’s kinda funny to hear this from Newtie who in 1995 tossed a fit on Air Force 1 because he was escorted from the rear of the plane after landing in DC with everyone else while President Billy Clinton emerged to the lights of Media.

Hillary/Donnie surrogates need to follow their own advised, get back on message and get the candidates on message as well.

I still have hopes that during the final debate, both Hillary/Donnie will ignore non-policy questions and use their “thought bubbles” instead


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