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There’s a reason why it’s called “October Surprise”… you just hate it when it happens to your candidate. To me the dreaded “October Surprise” is more of an illusion nowadays because Media builds it up and then it falls with a thud.

Look at Julian Assange Wikileaks much bragged about Clinton email surprise, there’s really nothing in there to cause chaos. OK, so some Clinton aide make a crack about the Religious Right

Grant it, the whole Donnie “P*ssygate” is consuming the vast majority of ALL media, but who wouldn’t want to report on a juicy story like that. Yes yell at NBC for holding the tapes till now. But it’s not the tapes that are causing a Donnie downward spiral, that was already in motion weeks prior because he just doesn’t know how to keep quiet.

Truthfully, the real annoyance are all these damn poli-ads running constantly all damn day, yet they are Oscar nomination worthy.

I’m for an entire ban on TV poli-ads… let’s be British an regulate the election cycle for society’s sanity. OK not a complete ban on TV poli-ads, but how regulate them to certain times of the day and on certain channels. Would that be fair?

How about play them between 12p-2p, during the afternoon soap operas, just don’t confuse Victor Newman for Donnie. Hey come to think about it, the two kinda resemble the other with billionaire lifestyles, hiring of private investigators to spy on competition, multi wives, womanizing, control freaks, abrasive behaviors…. Has anyone ever seen these two guys together? What would Donnie look like with a mustache?

So we got the afternoon covered for poli-ad viewing now comes the evening, however that’s simple to cover; they can only be played on News channels and QVC.

Why QVC? Well you might be able to buy all your survival gear at one time for the “End of Times” we keep hearing about if Hillary or Donnie get elected.

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