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The GOP is dying (again)! Remember how we were told of the GOP lost the Presidential election in 2012 it would be the end of the Party? Well the predictions are back just 4 weeks out and everyone is pointing fingers at one another for the downward spiral.

OK, it sounds rather dramatic, but for the past 14 months that’s what the GOP has given us, drama. Sometimes entertaining, sometimes gut wrenching, but always enjoyed by ALL MEDIA and the ratings prove it.

Here we stand, four long weeks away from Election Day and the October surprise was against Donnie not Hillary. Wait it wasn’t supposed to be this way, well at least that’s what Wikileaks kept telling.

Who’da thunk the much anticipated Wikileaks release would be such a dud and it would take an 8 year old Entertainment report to stir the pot.

This was the GOP’s to win. This was theirs after 8 years of Obama. Such promise until the candidates began to battle.

OK, I can’t relive the 2016 primary fracas, it’s nauseating, but it’s the GOP’s own fault for not believing in Donnie.

Hell I admit, I figured he would’ve dropped out by November 2015 due to all the Media attacks against his thin skinned. But dammit, he did everything but cheat to get where he is and the amount of GOP endorsement he has received is about less than zero. OK maybe not zero, but out of all the GOP Gov’s, Congressional Senate and Representatives, he may have picked up 1/3 of the total.

Remember there is a difference between Political support and Political endorsement. You can always freely walk away from supporting, because endorsing means you own it.
Yes Donnie was corrected in tweeting that at least the DEMs know loyalty to their members because since last Friday those that have supported and endorsed him have been dropping at light speed.

Hell John (McGrumpy) McCain, who had every legit reason not to endorse Donnie for past remarks, came out and stated he might just write in his buddy “Southern Belle” Lindsey Graham’s name instead of voting for Donnie.

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting stat come Election night; tally up the write in votes and release their names. There’s no doubt the dissatisfaction of the 2016 candidates is an all time high, so it’s a race to see who’s the less likeable. No wait, who’s the more likeable of the unlikeable percentage to claim victory. No wait… Screw it!

You’ve heard so often, out of 319 million people this is the best there was to offer; Hillary and Donnie, two of the most unpopular candidates in history.

Stand up and take a bow America, you’ve just paved the path to Honey Boo Boo vs. North West 2044!!



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