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Role reversal!! Funny people complaining about something Donnie said/did 10-15-20 years ago and those that are defending him could equate 1992-today about Billy Clinton. If Clinton was inappropriate and not the man to represent US for his actions, why is Donnie ok today? Or let’s flip the supporter role, if Billy was ok then why is Donnie bad today

Seriously think about it.

I’m not defending either individual for their past faults, we all have them in one form or another. I’m seeing a lot of hypocrisy, scratch that i see tons/loads/avalanche of hypocrisy by so many political talking heads and supporters of both sides of the aisle on the subject of Billie’s zipper and Donnie’s mouth.

The childish comeback of “well ‘so-so’ did it, then so can i” holds zero water, so when you’re called out on being a hypocrite, suck it up and put on your big boy/girl pants.

Yes Billie screwed around and many fault Hillary for sticking with him, but haven’t there been many political spouses that around regardless of their moralistic path? Simple answer is yes, yet most have been on the Right side of the aisle.

As I said the other day, Donnie needs to STFU(!) and stick with policy talk. However that will never happen becomes he loves the attention, loves the spotlight, loves being the talk of the town, loves being “that guy.” And he will never be silent, which is his biggest flaw.

We don’t know what we will get with a Donnie presidency, it’s all hypothetical and guesstimation by all. But the same was said about Billy 20 some odd years ago and I know many people on both sides of the political coin who would’ve enjoyed a third Billy term as he was able to work with Congress, things got done, checking accounts were happy, stock market rolled uphill and we still survived.


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