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A Colorado mom took her disabled child to a Trump rally….. Please there are no jokes here, but her story shows how some supporters are giving merit to the stereotyping of the ignorant Donnie supporter. This story has yet to go into the MSM reporting, but has been reported on a local level and even made the smaller partisan interweb sites. If it were not reported on a local level, I would’ve waved my hand to it.

As the story goes, Ms Mau is the mother of a disabled child and an undecided voter. She is not supporting either Hillary or Donnie, but wanted to attend a Donnie rally to experience for herself and not live by the soundbites so many thrive by. So with daughter in tow she made her way to local rally.

While sitting in a section for those that are disabled for 20 minutes, she felt she had heard enough and decided to leave, not causing a commotion on her exit until she was asked why she was leaving by another attendee in her section. Struck by such a question she promptly answered “why are you here, he makes fun of people like you” And that’s where the story makes its dramatic turn.

As Ms Mau was led away by Secret Service, wait why Secret Service and not Event Security, she was followed by two groups; those that were in the same thought as her and those too heckle her as she trotted off. As Ms Mau states “She was screaming and yelling at me, saying that if I loved my daughter I would vote for Trump and I need to get educated because he didn’t mock somebody on purpose.”

OK stop right there, on purpose or not, mocking anyone with a disability is completely wrong and a groveling plea of forgiveness just ain’t enough in my book. As a father of a child on the Autism Spectrum and for many years prior, I truly hate when people use the term “retarded” in any use. So I guess Sarah Palin and I have something in common, except she gives the ok for certain parties to use the term, such as Rush Limbaugh.

As I stated in the opening paragraph, it’s these type of people that pigeon hole ALL. Not all Donnie supporters are “deplorable” to steal a line from Hillary. There are many that are upstanding individuals and I refuse to throw everyone into one basket. The same goes for Hillary supporters as well. Yet it’s easier to make a point to lump everyone together that is completely in the wrong.

For Ms Mau’s experience, I hope she doesn’t lump all as one and is able to segregate the idiots from the rest.


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