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It seems several times a year, especially when we near Christmas time, there’s a story of an irate parent foaming at the mouth about ‘lil Timmy or Susie learning about religions other than just Christianity in their Social Studies class. Let me correct myself, it’s only one religion, Islam, that has these parents wagging their finger and running to the nearest news crew.


We never hear from about a Jewish parent upset of their child learning about Islam, why is that?

So the latest bitch and moan comes out of Kingsport, Tennessee where a mother declared the teaching of Islam in her 7th grade daughter’s Social Studies class was a violation of her religious belief. This leads me to question Mommie Dearest by asking had the other religions taught not done the same as well?

Religion of any sort has shaped regions and caused major wars throughout World History. Why shouldn’t children learn this, after all, too many Christianity helped shape the early US beginnings.

Are parents truly concerned that their child will become sympathetic or decide to convert to Islam after a few hours in the classroom? Well dammit, you better petition to stop American History classes from teaching of Salem, Mass or some kid might become sympathetic to witches and decide to turn to Wicca.

Look I get it, Islam is a horrible deplorable vicious religion or so we’re told in Social Media and certain Talking heads. It’s a hated religion by many. But maybe it’s those that pervert the religion that should be hated and not the religion, especially if you personally are not properly educated about it. Because you cannot honestly tell me no one has ever perverted the Christian religion in their own disturbed way and caused harmed towards others.


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