15-year-old boy accused of shooting at Richland Co. deputies (The State)


    15-year-old boy accused of shooting at Richland Co. deputies – By Emily Bohatch (The State) / April 15 2019

    A 15-year-old boy was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly shot at Richland County deputies. according to a statement from the sheriff’s department.

    The teen, who has not been named, was sought for violating his probation, according to the statement. Deputies spent more than a week looking for him prior to the shooting.

    After receving several tips about his location, deputies headed to a home on Red Winds Court on Saturday to pick up the teen, according to the statement. The boy was on the front port of the house, and when he saw deputies pull up, he allegedly shot at them twice.

    After firing the shots, the teen ran through the house, exiting through the back door and heading into the woods, according to the statement. Meanwhile, deputies stopped two other teens who were in the house. Later, the deputies released them.

    Deputies working with K9’s searched for the teen, but couldn’t find him until Sunday at about 11:30 a.m., almost 24 hours later, according to the statement. The teen was found in the woods line at the 10000 block of Wilson Boulevard.

    The boy was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted mruder and one count of use of a weapon during a violent crime, according to the statement. He is also facing charges for a theft that happened last month and another incident April 11, including use of a weapon during a violent crime, unlawful possession of a handgun by a minor, malicious injury to personal property and two more counts of attempted murder.



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