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2:00am random thoughts in my head


Some quick thoughts I’ve been having over the last few weeks to end February 2021

Quit picking on Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz is all I’ve been hearing and reading by so many lately.  Why?

If that were Nancy Pelosi or some other DEM’er, my oh my GOP’ers would be all over it for days. So why shouldn’t people mock  Cruz’s “overnight suitcase” to Cancun?

Oh wait. I forgot about Nancy Pelosi’s haircut. Oh yeah, GOP’ers went mad for a week over that one.

If another politician’s state was imperiled, ya don’t think Ol’ Raffy wouldn’t… what? yeah his real name is Rafeal, so why can’t I call him by his birthname? Anyway, he’s got a history of attacking those that have done the same > https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/18/politics/vacationing-during-crisis-ted-cruz/index.html

But seriously there are so many questions:

Why wasn’t he in DC doing his job?

Why didn’t he got to Arizona, South Florida or Hawaii to spead is his hard earned taxpayer paycheck on American business?

And let’s not forget about the police escorts to and from the airport, taking away resources from citizens in need.

But just look at last Friday, Congress was working and about 13 members skipped out of town, wrote a lame excuse using “health emergency”, and had a fellow member of Congress vote for them so they could attend CPAC in Florida ( House Republicans Slated For CPAC Blame Absence From Congress On ‘Public Health Emergency’ (forbes.com) )

Hey even if that were DEM’ers doing so, they deserved to be ridiculed as well.

The issue is, more people pay attention when it’s a DEM’er then a GOP’er, why?

Yes folks I too have a child who is hybrid-learning (in school/online learning) and he is excelling at it, why?

Well mainly he’s not being distracted by other students in a classroom 7 hours daily and the classes are roughly 25 minutes long.

We had our speculations about online learning well before the Covid19 shutdowns and it slowly took our  child on the Autism Spectrum to get into the swing of it. Yes he misses out on daily social needs, but then again there are many adults who lack in social graces well before Covid19 came into play.

But if you truly want your child back in school, GET THE TEACHERS THE DAMN VACCINATION SHOT!!!!!

It’s pretty simple, teachers should be moved up the vaccination chart as priority. So why aren’t they?

You gonna blame the teacher’s union, state government, both, or one political party over another? Come on, you know you fit in one of those categories, however, yet teachers are essential workers, not your damn babysitter!

Speaking of the Covid shot, yes, I was lucky enough to get my COVID shots a few weeks ago and everyone should get one.

Stop with the conspiracy and anti-vaxxer thoughts, because there ain’t a government microchip and it’s not gonna alter your DNA to begin the great Mutant War ( https://www.chicagotribune.com/coronavirus/ct-covid-coronavirus-vaccine-conspiracy-myths-20201215-ubpqu26xarh75gksodmqhgnrp4-story.html  )

Here’s the thing, you want everything to get back to normal – then get the damn shot while using common sense by wearing a mask when needed/asked.

Stop this ridiculous notion that state government is shutting you out of daily life. It’s been a nearly a year and my family have barely changed daily life. We’ve still gone out; shopping, restaurants, zoo, museums, vacations, etc. and if wearing a mask was all it took to keep doing those activities, MASK UP BITCHES!

It’s not a control thing. You have to do it for work regardless. It’s like a company drug policy, simply follow the rules.

Yeah alcohol is legal but you can’t drink on the job, so what do you think if drugs became legal, you gonna fight that policy?


So wear a mask.

Talking about getting back to normal, sure is nice to have a POTUS that can read a teleprompter again or even act civil when asked an opposing question.

But here we are, DAY #39 or something and POTUS Joey has been chugging along. Sure he’s stumbled a few times in speech and has done quite a few disagreeing things, but i gotta laugh at those whining about his administration’s retaliation bombing the other day.

Ya know, the bombing of Iranian backed militias in Syria as retaliation against their bombing US targets along the Iraqi border that wounded many and killed another. (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2021/02/26/syria-bombing-biden-airstrikes-mark-test-us-role-worlds-police/6831034002/  )

So many are complaining by saying “here we go again, another war getting started” yet you have to admit if that was POTUS Donnie, a Hannity led circle jerk around Trump Plaza would be shown on FOX News.

And please stop with the Rising of Prices game show antics.

I don’t agree with the $15/minimum wage increase, but I do agree there should be an increase. I mean after all these “essential workers” were praised and used as political fodder 7-9 months ago. Would $10/minimum wage be the answer?

But are prices increasing? You’ve seen the posts such as oil has doubled (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/02/18/fact-check-oil-prices-havent-doubled-during-biden-presidency/6798510002/ ), yet it hasn’t. Yes it’s increased, as history has shown us, oil prices go up way to often on Wall Street Speculations especially every new year start ( https://www.forex.com/en-us/market-analysis/latest-research/oil-market-and-gas-price-history-by-president/ )

But he’s killed so many jobs or has he? Since last April the Unemployment rate has been falling and currently sits around 6.3%. Now it all depends on your news channel of choice as to the dramatics of that number. ( https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/unemployment-rate)

No matter who’s president and the length of their tenure, there’s always going to be jobless, be it a catastrophe like a Stock Market Crash or War or Pandemic, jobless will happen. Jobs will leave this country for greener pastures, corporations will change their address on the company letterhead if it means savings on taxes without a physical move and yes many companies lack a loyalty to their employees. It happens, it’s just business. But does a POTUS really create jobs? (https://www.thebalance.com/job-creation-by-president-by-number-and-percent-3863218 )

That’s it, I’m gonna go nap because the government nanobugs in my head are uptight.. Pass the peanut bowl and don’t forget to pay your political tab. Well you’re gonna be to the tune of over $4 trillion since last March




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