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It’s good to see DEM’ers are acting like their GOP counterparts of 2016, just look at the carnival of names announcing their candidacy or “exploring” their popularity.

Yet unlike the 2016 GOP circus, the DEM’ers currently are lacking a field of retreads and has-beens.

Well, that’s until Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden step up to the podium.

In all the honesty I can give, the current crop of the “announced” will only widen the divide that both Obama & Trump have pushed, plus harden the base.

No wait, I mean Media will help widen the divide. Silly me.

Just look at the current social media debate from this past weekend. No, not the compromose of POTUS Donnie on immigration, but the argument over the Covington school kids vs the Native American Vietnam Vet footage.

Social media went wild over the video. Media ran with the footage that was released, allowing the opinion to be set. “BOOM!” everyone’s taking sides and refusing to listen.

Why do i say people are refusing to listen? Because 24 hours later an extended video was released showing more fact then fiction, yet people are cemented in their belief.

That’s the most current of example because each day/week there’s more and more, only you (ok maybe not you directly) refuse to source other outlets and only stick with the one channel you prefer.

Oh by the way, hey Fox and Friends fans, hold your condolences and prayers because Ruth Bader Ginsberg did not pass away as they stated Monday morning.

The DEM’ers at least are showing a youth movement. Finally (hopefully, wishfully) pushing Hillary aside and replacing with Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand and Julian Castro, but as the list grows and debate season nearly a year away I gotta ask how many one night stands shall there be?

I can only imagine the attack ads against Castro on name alone.

Let’s not forget the Incumbent Challenge as well, because the younger contender may bring in the youth vote, but you gotta remember there’s an equal amount of Baby Boomer watching their retirement savings inching upwards.

But I wanna throw this out there: What if POTUS Donnie reads his Happy Meal tea leaves and says “I’m done I think I did my job” and walks away from 2020 on top of his world?

Seriously think about!

If this scenario would happen and seeing POTUS Donnie’s track record, he would pop this notion exactly a year from now, leaving the GOP to scramble to contestants.

But who would those names be?

Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, and even Jeff Flake jump on to the screen. Maybe another shot for Lindsey Graham or possibly Chris Christy, none of which bring the circus to town like POTUS Donnie does.

We’re about 8 months away from all serious contenders slapping stickers on bumpers along with the usual shaking babies and kissing hands while pretending to care what you have to say while the Media drowns the viewer with minute by minute reporting.

We need that like we need a Jim Bakker revival.

Shit that already began, well there’s at least one thing I am thankful for and that was on January 18, 2019 “Sleepy” Bob Casey from Pennsylvania announced he has no plans to run.

That’s it, slap the tap on this little rant and pay your political tab. Whoospie, you can’t cause the Government’s shutdown. Talk about another sh*tshow


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