2024 Election integrity suits put mail-in ballots front and center (Washington Examiner)


    2024 Election integrity suits put mail-in ballots front and center – By Kaelan Deese (Washington Examiner) / Dec 31, 2023

    In the spirit of the season, the Washington Examiner has identified 12 issues we believe will shape 2024 — and beyond. These close-up examinations of agenda-setting issues cover everything from the ongoing battle between the Biden family’s business deals and Republican Oversight, the emergence of a “new world order”, and fights over redistricting and new election maps. Part 10 is about election integrity.

    Voting advocates are aiming to boost election integrity and voter confidence ahead of the 2024 elections amid fights waged in courtrooms by Republicans and Democrats working to change mail-in voting rules.

    Claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election after President Joe Biden defeated former President Donald Trump have cast a shadow on the 2024 contest, prompting a broad range of groups, from non-partisan voter advocacy organizations to the Republican National Committee, to focus efforts on keeping elections fair and ensuring that voters believe that their ballot counts.

    The RNC has vowed to enlist tens of thousands of poll watchers in 2024 and has created an “Election Integrity Department” that has hired more than 15 staffers throughout the country. Meanwhile, a coalition of non-partisan groups is planning to recruit more than 20,000 volunteers to help answer voters’ questions, help poll workers handle issues, and bring in legal aid as needed, according to Reuters.

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