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24 Hours Later… Who’s Ready For A Party Revolt?


This is not how the United States shows the World how Democracy works!

What happened on January 6, 2021, this civil unrest by a mob of people is what we’re used to seeing in places such as Chile, Hong Kong, Bolivia, and Ukraine. Not the United States of America!

No I cannot call these folks “MAGA Terrorists” as some have, I will call them victims of their own blind ignorance to even comprehend right from wrong.

The same folks who screamed foul when rioters kicked and stomped their way with destruction and violence this past summer in cities like Seattle have equaled that moment.

You have sunk to their low and how proud are you for it?

But the real question after listening to people like Trump supporter former Pennsylvania congressman Rick Saccone spit into a microphone decrying “We’re gonna run them out of their offices for the RINO’s that they are” outside the Capitol Building is are you gonna keep your membership card?

Then again, Saccone issued an apology of sorts the following day as he resigned his professor gig at a local college after the video aired.

But again, who’s sticking with the GOP?

Come on, you’ve called Congressional GOP’ers spineless and Unamerican in the past 24 hours for “turning” on Trump, why are you sticking around?

I mean for all the “stolen election” chest thumps how many of you have actually thought about this: Thanks to gerrymandering and elections, there are 27 States w/GOP Governor with roughly 31 States with GOP led legislation. So that means the conspiracy of stolen votes is pretty void because those States certified their Election results.

Pennsylvania has a Democratic Governor but a Republican led Legislature and they certified their results for Biden. So where’s the conspiracy?

Voter fraud, you say, well former Attorney General Bill Barr said “Nope… ain’t there”

Oh wait whatever happened to the 2016 Voter Fraud Commission created by Trump to find widespread fraud?

Funny thing about that or to quote Commission member Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, the answer was “the evidence of voter fraud was “glaringly empty.”” (https://apnews.com/article/f5f6a73b2af546ee97816bb35e82c18d)

But to be technical there has been voter fraud prior to the 2016 election, roughly 1,000 conviction…. since 1948!

So a quick recap; 50 State governments certified their elections because their own State election officials (both DEM and GOP hand in hand) certified the results along with State Legislatures and Electoral College electors.

That’s a lot of f*cking people to be involved in one giant conspiracy to screw over one individual. That or the vast majority of elected GOP’ers are “Never-Trumpers”

Yet because you stand with an arrogant self absorbed gutless man-child who whines and throws multiple daily tantrums while spitting out more lies then a 5 year old with hand stuck in cookie jar, you’ll believe him more for the reason to keep validating your reason for voting for him.

Both Biden and Bush 43 showed how an adult, how a POTUS should respond to a crisis. Hell, Mikey Pence showed the spine many thought he lacked, stood up, took charge and led while you tore through the Capitol halls only to have Donnie whine and spew lies in a pre-recorded speech asking you to go home.

Yet you’re still holding that GOP member gold card, why?

Because the last time someone tried to infiltrate the GOP and change their role they became irrelevant within 15 months.

Yeppers, where’s that Tea Party at these days?

Yeah it all started in 2009, Tea Party became an instant hit like the latest Boy Band. They aligned themselves with the GOP because they supposedly shared the same values. They also needed a major soapbox to stand on and big money to boot. However it didn’t take long for those ex-politicians to use the Tea Party to get back into the game and render them useless by 2011.

Oh don’t give me the line that the “Tea Party is still here, we just realized we got to big to fast and went back the local levels.”


But again, leave the GOP, I dare you.

Do it.

Triple dog dare ya.

And you won’t because even though you may actually leave the GOP, you’ll still vote for ’em, you’ll still give your money to ’em, you’ll never fully leave ’em because like a runaway you have nowhere else to go and you need to political junkie fix.

Maybe you’ll start listening because the GOP is equal to the DEM’ers – They only want your money and give you the same broken promises cycle after cycle while you salivate over it every time.

You disgust me because you can’t do it, you can’t give ’em up

And before you say it, yes I have no Party affiliation, I listen to both sides of the political argument and decide from there. Yes I have voted Democrat and Republican in the same election, I give no money and no support to either Party.



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