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3rd Debate already a waste before it starts


Donnie tells Newsmax he plans on spending a large amount of Wednesday’s debate defending sexual accusations and less about policy

NO! you don’t have to spend any time defending yourself unless asked, simple answer and walk away. We’ve heard enough about it. I’m tired of all the childish bullshit this election cycle has brought and I ain’t just talking about Donnie. We’ve gotten little substance on policy from both Hillary and Donnie because they are too busy dragging mud on the debate floor.

The Main Stream Media, the Partisan websites, the commentators, every single one of them are to blame in making this, quite possibly, the dirtiest nastiest elections since Andrew Jackson had to defend wife Rachel!

Donnie needs to get on track, finish strong and talk policy, and not waste time with playground antics like inviting Bill Clinton accusers or the Mrs Smith who lost her son at Benghazi. It makes him look more like PT Barnum then a serious candidate. Yet people applaud

What if Hillary invited all the Donnie accusers or all 3,500 contractors and Trump U participants who have a lawsuit against him to the next debate? People would scream “Cheap Clinton tactic” or worse.

Think about it, whichever gets the nomination come Nov 8, they will get very little down considering the GOP will still hold the House and possibly slip into victory to keep the Senate. GRIDLOCK! Hillary will get little done because the GOP will spend her entire term in committee arguing her emails. If Donnie wins, well he’s pissed off pretty much everyone in Congress that he’ll have little support plus he could be the first president busy defending himself due to all the current lawsuits against him.

Too many have cried how they cannot wait for this election to finally be over, but there will not be a collective sigh after Nov 8. Nope there will be much anger because the result will not be accepted and we will spend the next 4 years counting down the days with boiling hate.

Yep we deserved every ounce of pain this election has brought us, beginning to end



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