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April 2, 2022 – The day’s incoherent thought


Why does our society enjoy making stupid people famous?

The Kardashians, Paul Brothers, My Pillow Guy, any one-hit wonder musical act and even the “Cash me outside” girl found her glory for being useless

And yet here I am, drinking my coffeekegger trying to figure out if it’s economical and healthy to put evaporated milk on my coco puffs as I read that Sarah Palin is gonna run for the open House seat in Alaska.

First thing is I don’t actually believe Sarah Palin is stupid, she’s more misguided and there’s a massive reason for it: Excessive adulation.

When she became the late John McCain’s running mate in 2008, no one outside of Alaska (especially 99.9% of the Media) had heard of her. Sure there will be a few folk out there who will state they had been watching her political rise for years. Which is probably true, but where in the Lower 48 were you living?

And I still say the 2008 McCain campaign managers did her wrong; they tried to turn a country girl into big city glam, but to her own fault (like most people would) she became addicted to the attention. She was (in certain realms) a big ticket commodity who was able to name her price and get paid.

I don’t fault her for taking a yearly million dollar contract from FOX News and even have them build her an Alaskan home office to work at once a week. Who wouldn’t be crazy enough to take that deal?

$1 million dollars for 1 hour worth of work for 52 Saturdays with the occasional mid-week appearance. Damn Skippy I’d sign that contract

Yet the best part about the FOX/Palin divorce (did ya know they separated twice?) was that Bill O’Reilly said in 2013 “that her entrance in the 2016 presidential race could turn the election into a “reality show.””

And ‘POOF’ Palin exited for reality tv and dance moves.

It is odd that Palin cried “Liberal Foul” about the ABC Network but sure took that money when offered a Dancing with the Stars opportunity.

I need to stop calling Palin a “celebrity” because she most definitely was/is not, she’s more of a “pseudo-celebrity” meaning those folks who become famous be it a reality tv, the media vultures who created them or just sort of a has been/wanna be who’s starved for attention so they do what they can for 15 more minutes of fame.

tick tock tick tock

OK, these folks need to make some cash and it appears their best move is to go political, either attempting to run for office or the easier route by opening their mouth on social media.
Kevin Sorbo, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Kathy Griffin and so on.

Hey there are fools on both side of the aisle, however it’s normally those on the Right that seem to yell “shut your mouth” or the best one of “shut up and dribble” when they disagree with a “celebrity” but always cozy up to those celebs they agree with.

Yes the Left may have more celebrity voice, but it seems the Right yells the loudest.

Hey there have been plenty of celebrities from movie, tv and sport to make a run at the political theatre that were perfectly normal:

Athletes like Anthony Gonzalez, Glenn Jacobs, Steve Largent, Kevin Johnson, Jack Kemp, Gerald Ford, and Heath Shuler.

Celebrities like Al Franken, Sonny Bono, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fred Thompson, Ronald Reagan, and Clint Eastwood.

Yeah I know I left out Donald Trump and Jesse Ventura for good reason, i said “Normal.”

But this is today, when people like Stacey Dash, Memhet Oz, Jim Bob Duggar, Clay Aiken, Caitlyn Jenner, Kid Rock and yes Sarah Palin all say they are or may run for office just to get a fanbase orgy going just to hear their name be called.
Normally those celebrity and pseudo-celebrity political wanna-be’s are just jumping on the train of the Right because it’s the easiest ticket to get.

But when it comes to “politician-crazy” I’m still on the fence as to which side is winning that battle because for every AOC on the Left there’s MJT on the Right. Yet it seems the Right has more exaggeration to the tales and enjoy their social media feed uptick with every 15 second soundbite that gets them on TV.

So lookout Boebert and Greene, the original “Crazy Mama” Sarah Palin is coming home (of sorts) to roost!

That’s it, pass the peanut bowl, clip some coupons and pay your political tab (OH we’ve all been paying for a verly long time)


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