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A Legion of Liberals in Despair Over Patriots Win

OK OK, yes I jokingly placed the #notmysuperbowlchampions ag on my FB page last night, but I also added a joke about not accepting the Super Bowl results either. But come on, how many others were placing sarcastic tweets as well, being more of a hater of the Patsy’s because they always find a way than being POTUS Donnie supporters?  Um, seriously, you really keep the Donnie link for hate? Ouch-  PB/TK 
A Legion of Liberals in Despair Over Patriots Win – by WARNER TODD HUSTON 6 Feb 2017Houston, TX
As the New England Patriots performed a miraculous come-from-behind win to clinch another Super Bowl title, giving quarterback Tom Brady an historic fifth Super Bowl ring, liberals from coast to coast lapsed into despair that anyone close to President Donald Trump could become winners.
As soon as Patriots running back James White stretched over into the end zone to slam the pigskin down for that game-winning touch down, liberals took to Twitter to vent their outrage.
Immediately the hash tag #notmysuperbowlchampion started trending with many slamming Brady and Trump.

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