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A new era has begun… too offend & defend


A new era has begun… too offend & defend

Thus it has begun, what was once offensive now becomes defensive or vice verse as the partisan politicos dig their trenches and strengthen their keyboard bravery for the next 4 years. Somewhere Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow are getting fitted for their war kilts, reading the political battle maps and puckering up to blow on their political bagpipes.
Wait what am I saying, Rachel Maddow would never wear a kilt (dress).

I admit I am not a fan of celebrity Donald Trump, never was and probably never will be. Now as President Donnie, hey if he does something I agree with I will give him applause as well as give him heat in disagreement. And after the first week, he is batting a respectful .300 with me. Honestly if I agree/disagree 100% with a President and/or one party that means I am not listening and unfortunately that’s part of the issue with the voting electorate, they don’t listen.

No scratch that, they listen but only to the partisan talking heads they are tuned in to and it’s they who determine the good/bad.

With that said, he is the legal POTUS and I will respect the office. I was not a complete fan of Obama or Bush43; I liked Bush43 a wee bit more then Gore, but I still voted for Kerry because of “alternative facts” by the admin. Yes I voted for Obama twice because I couldn’t trust McCain especially with Palin and Romney just had that wimp factor that plagued Bush41 even though I have respect for Speaker Ryan.

Confusing ain’t it?

Yes I will call him President Donnie, just as I called President Bush43 “W” from time to time and lord knows that annoyed many of my friends on the Right. I will call him President Donnie just as I called President Obama the “Big O” which received chuckles from both sides of the aisle, but let the interpretation of “Big O” be that for you to interpret.

But after the first week the luster is beginning to wear off. No not from President Donnie but from the annoyance of “respect the authority” from the Right. Yes of course people should because so many on the Right did for the past 8 years as well. OK yes the Left had little respect under 8 years of Bush43 but that was in response to the lack of respect by the Right for Pres Billy and ..and…. oh I give up.. People just need to grow the F*ck up.

President Donnie is nowhere near President Reagan and I so hate that comparison, especially after only one week. But I would say after Week #1, he is closer to imitating President Teddy Roosevelt, he just lacks that conservatism activist TR was known for yet makes up for it in the grandiose persona and ever running mouth.
Hey they both are/were knee jerk reactionist and thankfully TR didn’t have a FB/Twitter feed.

For all of the pompous narcissistic egomaniacal temper tantrum claims the partisan Right placed on Obama, their Left counterparts have equally placed on Donnie. The only difference is that Donnie’s gang, namely Ms Kellyanne Conaway has stated that those pundits that mocked Donnie should be fired.

Talk about being a snowflake. Does someone need a safe spot or a woobie?

Look I ain’t crazy about Executive Orders at any level, but I admit I like the EO’s on Lobbying, Freezing the Federal workforce, Increasing border security (minus the ‘Wall’), Strengthening the Military, ISIS, and Made in USA Pipelines. Those are pretty simple and broad, but just because I say I like doesn’t mean I’m in full agreement. Yes I’m still out on the TPP, NAFTA, Dakota pipeline, and reorganizing National Security Council. Hey if Steve Bannon gets a seat then so should I.

Yet it comes down to the disposition of Donnie. I’m positive when the cameras and reporters aren’t around he’s kicking back with a Coke, eating a cheeseburger while watching re-runs of Roseanne with the family. He needs to stop the gloating and move on. Everyone knows you won the Electoral College and that’s the count that matters. However he’s an image guy and I have yet to hear anyone call him a loser for finishing second in the popular vote. A good guess as to why Donnie is bringing up the “illegal voter cost me the popular vote” argument may have to coincide with his Southern border & Deportation talk so come 2020 he might not lose the popular vote again.

Yes four more years of Liberty Valance delusional fawning parasitical sycophants of supporters that are convinced that everything they do not agree with is fake news. Oh Boy!

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