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All Hail President Skrood.. Is the “Day After” within grasp


The “Day After” is almost fitting in that the weather is dreary and the township is putting up the Christmas lights along the business district on Main Street to help change the mood of many as we now float along into the lame duck political season. For some they are gloating for others they are counting the days to begin their strife of holding a GOP government accountable of every move of every day till the midterm election.

“Day After?” no not the abortive pill, I’m talking about the 80’s TV Apocolypitc movie.

I accept the results of Election Day with a little confusion of trying to understand that the “Rust Belt” folks were buying into the Jobs promise or just ready to stick it to the elite. Honestly it’s a mixed bag of both. We all want change but it may not to be the change we are looking for. Many didn’t get it under 8 years of Obama nor George 43, yet the Loyalists stuck by their side and defended with every breath. Will that be true for Donnie?

I believe the Loyalists will dig their heals deeper in the mud of defense regardless of any result. That’s how Loyalists are, no matter the malfunction the political defense is a spin game and oh! are we gonna get dizzy. Think about, seriously, DEMs defended Obama’s work just as equal to that of GOP defendind George 43, it’s just that each called the other crazy kool aid drinkers and their flocks fell in line.

The Electoral map shows it all when comparing 2012 to 2016, Hillary underperformed by an average of 10% to that of Obama in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Her campaign played the cards wrong, took those States for granted and the final results show it as so.

I will not gloat
I will not gloom
I shall not jump off the boat
of our possible doom

OK I always sucked at poetry and never really cared for Dr Seus, but the words are true. One should not gloat nor feel gloom the “Day After,” one needs to hold onto to hope of a successful presidency. Hey even Limbaugh stated he never cared for Obama but hoped for a successful presidency for the country.

Although I find a little humor in that it would be fun to see a Rachel Maddow place a “Promise Broken Counter” on her show ala Sean Hannity of Obama’s first 100 days. However, Maddow has 100% more professionalism at her desk than Hannity, then again I rarely watch her show, so someone keep me informed how that goes.

The one major obstacle that will help President Donnie be successful will be those he surrounds himself with. Will there be life for Dr Carson or Gov Christie come Jan 20. 2017?

In actuality I’m looking towards Congress for success and less gridlock, yet that all begins at the Speakers podium and whether/not we keep a Speaker Ryan or someone more fanatical steps in. I’ve always liked Speaker Ryan, he’s a numbers guy and he knows how to work with opposition which many Loyalists do not want to see happen, only their vision is correct which is a closed door to the Dems.

So as we slow walk towards Jan 20, 2017 as well as the midterms elections, accountability regardless of results will be a stranglehold on the GOP and the voices of Conservative poli-talking heads better stay lubricated to help steer their vision.



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