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America Loves to Lose (Slate)


America Loves to Lose – By Joel Anderson (Slate) / Feb 24, 2024

The rise of sports betting has been one of the most startling changes of my lifetime. You can bet something else is coming alongside it.

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When sports betting became legal in New Jersey, a guy I’ll call Rick downloaded an app and started going crazy making wagers on games. He lost $15,000 that first year. He could handle the loss—he’d recently gotten a promotion at work and was living frugally on his new $85,000-a-year salary, sharing an apartment in Philadelphia with two roommates—but he saw how quickly things could spiral.

Rick had been gambling since college, starting out placing bets with a classmate who had his own little sportsbook. Once, he’d lost so many bets in a row that he didn’t have the money to pay up—thanks to LeBron James’ curiously passive play in Game 5 of the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals. His bookie, rumored to be part of the Russian mafia, decided to cut him a break.

“I was nervous because I met this guy through my friends who were doing [cocaine],” Rick said. “But he was, like, ‘Usually it’s an issue. But I know you, you’ve been a customer for a while. So I’ll let you pay me back with interest.’ ” It took a year for Rick to pay off the debt, and it involved stopping his regular contribution to his 401(k) through the drugstore where he worked in school.

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