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‘American Carnage’ Unveiled (Counterpunch)


‘American Carnage’ Unveiled – By Richard C. Gross (Counterpunch) / Sept 15 2020

It doesn’t seem to sink in that this country’s so-called president withheld deadly serious information from the American people about such a life-altering, once-in-a-century coronavirus that it could kill them. It was his biggest lie yet.

What Donald Trump did was comparable to setting the house on fire – our house – with “we the people” locked inside as we helplessly watched the smoke curling in under the doors and dying one by one with little or no possibility of rescue.

One wag posted online that Trump’s excuse for not telling the people about the seriousness of the virus and its follow-on COVID-19 was because he didn’t want to panic them is as if Prime Minister Winston Churchill refused to turn on air raid sirens as German bombers approached Britain’s shores during the Blitz in World War II because he didn’t want to frighten Londoners.

He would have been locked away in London Tower for the rest of his life.

Not our leader. Though impeached by the House and forgiven by his Republican-led Senate, he hasn’t been accountable for his actions as president since he took office Jan. 20, 2017. The extent of his self-proclaimed irresponsibility toward more than 320 million Americans is indescribable; it’s haunting, chilling, ghastly. (“I don’t take responsibility at all,” he said March 13.)

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