Analysis | Operation Breaking Dawn: Will Hamas join the fight? (Jerusalem Post)


    Analysis | Operation Breaking Dawn: Will Hamas join the fight? – By Anna Ahronheim (Jerusalem Post) / Aug 6, 2022

    Israel hopes that circumstances within the Strip, including the responsibility the group has to residents of Gaza, will prevent them from firing rockets.

    The ruling terror group in the Gaza Strip, Hamas, has so far not fired any rockets toward Israel, choosing instead to stay out of the fighting between the IDF and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

    The IDF said it hopes Hamas will stay out of the fighting, and that the group is currently sitting on the fence about whether to join in any fighting that may break out.

    In 2019 when the IDF launched Operation Black Belt after targeting the group’s leader in the northern Strip Baha Abu al-Ata, Hamas refrained from taking part in the fighting between the Israeli military and Islamic Jihad.


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