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April 4, 2023 – Today’s Inconsistent Thought (F*ck You and Your Latte Whining)


OK the tag line is a bit off base but you may understand in a few moments as I’m freakin’ tired of all the whining and pseudo-patriotism of people.

Yes, I’m referring to the whiney Taylor Swift fans and Kid Rock blowhards.

Look I like Kid Rock and Taylor Swift music, I like all categories of music. Hell I can jump from Metallica to Skillet to Stryper to OZZY at the gym in a heartbeat. I just don’t care for soapbox heroes that call themselves fans of Swift and Rock.

Again, don’t get me wrong, everyone has their right to their opinion, doesn’t mean they’re right or wrong or i need to agree with them. Celebrities, Athletes, Musicians, etc all have the biggest megaphones and are the biggest of influencers no matter if you agree/disagree.

Yet I’m shaking my head at all the “Swifties” and how Congress has lined them up for a collective cry of “FOUL” over Ticketmaster and not being able to get tickets online.

Folks you ain’t seen disappointment in missing out on concert tickets like Generation X who had to stand outside a store in the cold/heat/rain/snow overnight for tickets. Only to be let down when the fat smelly scalper in front of you just bought the last 20-30 tickets. Or even worse, talking to the store employee about the seating options and they have to pull out a venue seating chart as time ticks away.

Oh, the horror of time wasted.

Ya got it easy these days; you can see what seats are open, where they are at the venue, blah blah with a click of a mouse or flick of your finger.

So, you didn’t get to see that artist because you couldn’t get tickets through a ticket giant. Do ya remember when Pearl Jam tried to tour outside of Ticketmaster locations? Yeah, that tour didn’t last long.

So, go cry into your overpriced pumpkin spice frappuccino or over a plate of your vegan nugs and complain on TikTok only to watch your viewer numbers increase.

Oh don’t think I forgot about you Kid Rock fans. Yeah, the ones that cry “Freedom” and “God Bless America” only forgetting what trash Kid Rock was when his career started with his boasts of hoes and drugs + claims of this and that.

Hey, as I said I like Kid Rock music, don’t truly care for the guy but I’m sure he’s swell and all. But I get lost in how patriotic it is to be a drug addict.. Oh wait that’s because we live in a forgive/forget society and the entertainer’s past is wiped out just as long as you agree with their newly found politics and patriotism.

Yeah, Kid Rock loves him some Donnie Trump and now is disgusted by his once fave beer Bud Light due to their latest brand influencer, trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

Folks, it’s ok, drinking anything from Anheuser-Busch won’t have you become part of the LGBTQ Alphabet community. It’s ok, take big gulps.

Anyway, Kid Rock releases some video of him shooting up a bunch of Bud Light beer cans while wearing his MAGA hat and swearing at the camera about the brand. Which leads folks in message chants “God Bless America” but was even funnier had to be the people calling for Kid Rock to ban anything Anheuser-Busch from venues to where he may play.

Um, here’s something one should know, that can’t happen and if Kid Rock don’t like it well he can find other venues that might kowtow to such demands.

Which brings us full circle back to Ticketmaster and how trying to create a profitable tour in the good ‘ol land of capitalism ain’t as easy as folks may think.

OK so that was about 3 minutes of ranting of there are snowflakes all around ya, it just depends on your belief in the snow base.

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the stale peanut bowl and let’s wait for the upcoming War on the Easter Bunny to commence.




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