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April 7, 2023- Todays Inconsistent Thought (War on the Easter Bunny?)


Why is there no “War on the Easter Bunny?”

Seriously think about it, we’ve had the long “War on Christmas” when Conservative talking heads cried that people (ok mainly the Liberals) were taking Christ out of Christmas and how it was it was bad to say “Merry Christmas.”

POTUS Donnie says he beat that “War” and saved Christmas, so everyone can now say “Merry Christmas.”

Yet there truly was no “War,” it was fiction created to help ratings during what is normally a doldrum of little news happening between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And folks followed along with agreement completely giving blind-eye to the real culprit of any “War on Christmas,” that being capitalism.

Trust me I’m all for capitalism, love the freedom to buy what I want even if I hate the prices.

People are hypocrites, majority of USA is just that.

While we should be thankful and for the birth of Jesus Christ, there was no Santa Claus in Bethlehem. Your children celebrate Santa 10x over more then Jesus and you have only yourself to blame with pushing that and the impulse buying splurge of gifts.

So fast forward to Easter, when we are to celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Remember him, the guy who rose from the dead.

An Easter Prayer of Celebration: He Is Risen! - Your Daily Prayer - April 17 - Devotional

But here we are today, celebrating his return to us by stuffing money/candy into plastic eggs hidden around the house and yard.

We dress little Susie in a pretty flower dress/young Timmy in colorful pastel clothing and head out to the Mall to get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny!!

I don’t recall either the Old or New Testament, heck not even a Priest telling me during Church Service about a freakin’ bunny hopping out of Jesus’ grave tossing chocolate versions of him to those around him.

And the majority of folks buy into at a whopping $24 billion in Easter sales (as of 2022), $5 billion on chocolate alone.

How is that a celebration of life?

No doubt the number of folks and church attendance has dropped significantly and yes, before you scream some stupid Liberal hate at me I was raised Catholic, but I do not go to Church. I see Church as just a symbol it’s not needed because if I accept God in my house, I do not need a symbol to keep me going. Plus, there’s that whole Church sex scandal thing that’s constantly evolving.

So why aren’t people. especially those Conservative talking-heads pounding their fists on their collective desks and screaming about this, pointing fingers at a possible Liberal conspiracy against Catholic Religion?

Because they won’t. It’s admission of defeat as they realize people aren’t concerned about the Resurrection of Jesus and realize they can only play that “card” around a “birth” because it’s more believable than a guy rising from the dead.

Besides it interferes with their “Spring Break” plans to enjoy warmth of a beach on some distant travel itinerary and one can only come up with so many bullshit reasons to start an argument for the sake of ratings.

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the stale peanut bowl and make sure to stuff those plastic eggs with non-sugary sweets and larger bills because ya know there’s a recession happening.




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