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Are Fidget Spinners the Newest Symbol of White Supremacy?


I can’t take the stupidity any longer. If a white guy drink chocolate milk, he’s showing superiority over the black man. If a black man orders a White Russian he’s showing his racist heritage. If you aren’t Mexican but celebrate Cinco de Mayo you’re trying to takeover someone’s heritage. If a guy rolls his eyes it’s now a sign of sexism.

Can we please stop this incredible stupidity of sensitivity and just shut the f*ck up – PB/TK

Are Fidget Spinners the Newest Symbol of White Supremacy? – By William Hicks / May 15 2017

Fidget spinners are this years hottest toy trend. It’s a little top that spins in a child’s hand to distract from the harsh realities of the cruel, uncaring world around them.

And already this Tickle-Me-Elmo tier toy trend is getting super political.

Rebecca Mead at The New Yorker called the fidget spinner the “embodiment” of Trump-era values. 

“The fidget spinner, it could be argued, is the perfect toy for the age of Trump,” Mead wrote. “Unlike the Tamagotchi, it does not encourage its owner to take anyone else’s feelings or needs into account. Rather, it enables and even encourages the setting of one’s own interests above everyone else’s. It induces solipsism, selfishness, and outright rudeness. It does not, as the Rubik’s Cube does, reward higher-level intellection.”

Ian Bogost of The Atlantic wrote two thousand words of bull**** about the selfishness of the spinners as opposed to traditional tops.

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