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Are you as American at home as in the Stadium


So POTUS Donnie says NFL owners should fire any player that kneels for the National Anthem. That’s a cute emotional cheerlead move Donnie to a crowd in Alabama, but it wont happen and the main reason is Freedom of Speech and a mountain of litigation to follow.

It’s easy for many to complain about overpaid athletes or Hollywood elites speaking their views especially if you do not agree with it and after all they have the larger soapbox to be heard from.

We can blame the network for purposely panning the camera on the players and finding that one player sitting/kneeling to be shown for 5-6 seconds. Why not focus on the fans, the singer, the flag instead?

Now I’m no fan of people kneeling/sitting during the National Anthem. It’s a quiet peaceful protest, which I will take any day of the week in comparison to 3 minutes of a destructive protest, be it by player or fan at a stadium or at home.

Yes I said home.

When you’re at a stadium or ball field, you’re expected to remove your hat and stand for the National Anthem, but I can become a millionaire quickly by betting you don’t do it at home.

Is there a difference between stadium and home? Nope.

But at home, today, you’re consumed by watching the network cameras, looking for a player that is kneeling/sitting so you can bitch while sitting on the couch with your frosty beverage in one hand while shoving a guacamole filled chip in your mouth with your team hat tightly on your head.

Admit it! At home, during the National Anthem you are NOT standing, you are sitting!

OK maybe you’re not sitting, maybe you’re in the kitchen or greeting someone at the door or shouting too everyone in the backyard “game on!” but the largest majority of American are not doing what they bitch while at home.

You can’t take a survey on this because everyone will lie to make themselves feel patriotic.

I’ll admit, I’ve done it at home and at work.

But that leads into expanding this debate; if you’re at work listening/watching a game do you stop everything for the National Anthem?

Lord knows when I’m at work listening to hockey on the radio, I’m usually on the phone dealing with a customer, is it impolite of me to stop the conversation because of the National Anthem? I don’t think that would fly with my bosses and CEOs, but does that now make them less American?

What if a customer is ordering a beer and the bartender says “wait a sec the Anthem is on” and that person, for whatever reasoning form bad work day to running out Viagra, becomes irate and complains, is he/she less American?

But I’m gonna stretch the argument more with what if that player is kneeling in prayer during the National Anthem? Seriously think about it, we don’t know these players personal lives unless they offer that information, so how do we not know they just had family or friend given their orders to Iraq or Afghanistan and they felt it was right to pray for them at that moment, should we would be pissed and call for their head?

Absolutely the Media has blown up the “kneeling kap” story jut like they do every story. When Kaepernick began his kneel, he did so away from others, almost hiding behind security and team personal, but it was the Media who found him and the roller coaster started. Colin Kaepernick is not that great of a quarterback, and he proved it in his second year.

Yes use the fact that he led the 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII, but the 49ers were already winning when he took over for an injured Alex Smith and you always go with the hot hand. There was very little film on the guy for teams to learn his quirks and strengths, but that all ended and he became average.

There’s a reason he’s still sitting at home and an NFL team is not gonna shell out massive money for nearly average. Hell he might be a swell guy outside team facilities, but it’s inside where the commotion sits, just like you on Sunday.

So I’m gonna challenge everyone and anyone, take a stand at home (yeah I said it). Prove a point and do something besides pitch a bitch, let’s see people doing at home as they expect at a stadium.

Oh wait I forgot, it’s easier to complain then actually act.

That’s it, slap the political tap and pay your tab.





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