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Are you ready for the vitriol of the Electoral College on Nov 9?


Just a few quick thoughts concerning Election Day results; what happens if Donnie wins the popular vote but not the Electoral College?

It’s a rather funny thought when the fact is both Hillary and Donnie are the most unpopular Major Party candidates in a lifetime, well my lifetime. So winning the popular vote could be considered not being picked last during recess dodge ball.

If this does happen, one could expect the cries of foul coming from the Right or just the Donnie supporters and we only have to look to Al Gore to see how the Right told the Left to shut up, stop whining and accept the results. The argument over the dysfunction of the Electoral College will be the larger headline on Wednesday Nov 9 without a doubt.

It’s not surprising that Hillary’s poll numbers dropped after Comey’s letter released a week ago stating a new batch of 650k emails were found on Huma and hubby Anthony’s laptops and how they might contain “something, possibly nothing” but we just wanted people to know just in case. As the Media had to mention this repeatedly for a week, was it a surprise that over the weekend Comey released the results of the latest investigation as “these aren’t the emails you’re looking for. Move along. Move along” A few hours after Comey’s latest announcement, the Media and the court of social media scoffed at Comey’s latest letter bomb with “How is it possible for the FBI to scan through 650k emails so quickly?”

Enter Ed Snowden, yes whistleblower Ed Snowden to answer the question. It’s an algorithm and if you can’t figure that out please unplug your Commodore 64.

If Hillary does lose, the Media will have a field trip debating FBI Comey’s “we got something/maybe nothing” storyline concerning the “not so new” Hillary emails as to whether it had any effect on the election outcome.

Regardless of which candidate wins, personally I don’t think I can handle four years of a “Cankles/Kackle” or “Infantile/Pestiferous” of either administration. Grant it, the growth of pro/anti social media memes will grow substantially and Congressional gridlock will resume just like the past 8 years.



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