Army Releases Full List of 80 Programs it Plans to Kill or Trim Back (


    Army Releases Full List of 80 Programs it Plans to Kill or Trim Back – By Matthew Cox ( / Feb 14 2020

    U.S. Army budget officials on Friday released the full list of 41 program eliminations and 39 program reductions service leaders made during a “night court” program review to find money for modernization projects in the fiscal 2021 budget request.

    The release of the full list comes one day after the Army released two “top 10” lists, one for eliminated programs and another for the programs that would be reduced, totaling about $1.1 billion in savings.

    Today, Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy told an audience at the National Press Club that this latest round of the night court process was not as challenging as the first round, conducted last year.

    “This year was much more tepid than last year, where we moved more than $30 billion” across the five-year Future Years Defense Program (FYDP), McCarthy said. “Most of the programs were not as big as complex as last year.”

    READ: Full List of Army Program Eliminations:
    READ: Full List of Army Program Reductions:

    The full list of program eliminations features lots of smaller savings, such as $1.4 million saved on nine FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and $303,000 from six M102 non-lethal reloadable grenades, according to the document.

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