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Aug 18 2021 – The Day’s Thought


Is this not what people have clamored for over recent years?

Yes, politicians have campaigned about it, POTUS’ have barked about it, finally it happens and people are shocked,

Of course I’m talking about the US leaving Afghanistan after 20 years and trillions of dollars later, we’ve finally left and people are shocked about what happened next?

Are you that delusional that you thought there would be parades and balloons when we left?

Time tables had been set by previous administrations on reductions and additions to US presence in Afghanistan, hell even POTUS Donnie banged his drum about getting out of there. But it’s all about the current POTUS and how it all falls on him.

This is true, it happened under POTUS Joey’s watch and he’s taking his lumps for it while standing by his decision. And you can’t tell me POTUS Donnie would take the blame for a screw up!

Nope he’d blame everyone in the room, including his golf caddy

How many of you stated “get out of there, we’re not into nation building, we’ve spent enough there, it’s their issue now”? I’d say a large percentage of you did and now are the ones crying foul.

The Taliban were never destroyed, dismantled, or called it quits. They stayed in Afghanistan provincial states, hanging out with those warlords that would give them shelter and waiting their time.

Gotta remember, the Taliban sat in and made demands during “peace talks” during POTUS Donnie’s administration. Hell that administration wanted to pay for the Taliban travel expenses, so don’t give me sh*t about who’s the bigger idiot POTUS on this matter https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-48300618

Kabul maybe the capitol of Afghanistan but the provincial warlords control the country. And they don’t care for the US.

Sure when the US invaded they were our friends with benefits and like most of those relationships, it soured over time. And here we stand, US military equipment sold to the Afghan military that was US trained now in the hands of the enemy. My how everything has come full circle again

And now come all the  memes for those US soldiers that fought and died in Afghanistan. Their service, regardless at war or at peace, should never be taken for granted or even played as a political pawn by a politician needing campaign funds or some two-bit commentator looking for a ratings. They’ve done more for their country in the last 20 years then the combined efforts of the last 3 Administrations and Congress.

Afghanistan was going to fall whether it was today, tomorrow or year from now. It was destined to fail. The US taxpayer just needs someone to blame to help vent their anger

That’s it, take you hypocritical knee jerk reactionary political thoughts to the door and pay your tab


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