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Aug 5 2021: The Day’s Thought


Read somewhere that the viewership of the 2021 Olympics is down 33% and I’m wondering if interest in the Olympics has really faded?

Here in the US, NBC has the Olympics on several different stations, but are people tuning out because of oversaturation?

Maybe it’s because the 2021 Olympics are half a World away and what’s being shown is delayed programming. Plus we’ve already gotten the results in real time thanks to the interweb. (No lie, I don’t watch Sports after knowing the results, rather watch the highlights)

But how much has interweb viewership truly brought networks to a “ratings reckoning?” Meaning they need to scrap or revamp their whole ratings system and intertwine the two. I question this if they haven’t already done this because they seem to whine a lot about tv viewership dropping.

Oh I forgot, it’s the marketing money that’s at stake, because that’s the revenue that keeps the ball rolling.

Wait ain’t there ads on their websites?

Do people still use commercial breaks for a bathroom run?

Are you telling me people don’t skip forward on recorded viewing?

The Olympics for me, well let’s say I enjoy the Winter Olympics more, but in the full spectrum of all things Olympics, when it became more “professional” then “amateur” that’s when I began to slowly fade away.

I blame that on the Russians and their non-professional military athletes rosters.

That’s it for today’s thought, slap the tap, pass the peanut bowl and pay your political tab


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