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August 22, 2023 – Today’s Inconsistent Thoughts (Hands Off The Remote)


This first inconsistent thought is a week old however it does need to be addressed and I’m still blaming former Ohio Governor John Kasich:

Back in 2016, then Gov Kasich had a decent chance at being the GOP nominee only to drop out in the end and decided not to show Party Loyalty behind eventual nominee Donnie.

So, wobble to the 2024 campaigns where the RNC leadership has decided to toss out a bunch of obstacles for lesser candidates to hurdle not to upset former POTUS Donnie.

As a reminder, the lesser candidates have been told that to play on the debate “sandbox” (plus certain State primaries) they gotta be above X percentage in the polls, bring in X amount of donor cash and must sign a “Loyalty Pledge” to the eventual winning candidate.

Many are staying quiet except for Former POTUS Donnie who has refused to do anything the RNC leadership is requesting.

Even going as far as skipping the first debate which can be ratings drop but also a huge plus for the lesser candidates.

But why ain’t the GOP Base bitchin’ about former POTUS Donnie’s constant whining and stomping feet like a spoiled baby? Why can’t someone finally tell him to act like an adult for once instead of pointing fingers and calling names.

Why? Simple everyone is afraid to do and face the political upheaval down the road.

Now back the regular scheduled inconsistent thought that was running through my beleaguered mind: Remote Working.

Let me be clear: I LOVE REMOTE WORKING!

Now with that said, here we are a few years past Covid and people are still debating whether or not “Remote Work” should still be a thing.

It all depends on the job description, for instance my “professional” career i truly do not have to be in an office, now some co-workers may say different only because their complaint is I am not there to answer questions face to face as they were in the past.

It takes the same amount of time whether it’s in person or over the phone; sometimes even faster. The complaint is they have to be in shop so should i, yet they are only there for an hour daily.

I get more work done at home, then in the office – there are less distractions at home and I work longer to get more done.

Hell, a majority of companies are finding more candidates to fill positions, some of those candidates are even out of state.

Yes, it’s hit or miss on the employee. Some take advantage of working from home to do other projects or use it as a means to save on childcare and yes some just plain f*ck around more at home than they did in the office setting.

But let’s say Local/State/Federal jobs, should they be “remote” also. I say yes but then again it depends on the position and classification.

As of a few weeks ago, Repbulicans in the House Oversite Committe have been clamoring for federal agencies to update and release their policies on telework/remote work only to be left waiting.

I’m not knocking those members for stomping their feet for this info because it’s been how long since Covid and offices being emptied?

Yes, Government should be held accountable for each and every action they take; from policy making, to stump speeches, inaction on legislation and yes letting the American taxpayer know how many paychecks we are supporting.

Unfortunately, everyone knows Government moves as slow as molasses in the middle of winter.

I think the best arguments, or should I say complaining about telework/remote work comes from those who have become accustomed to such.

These folks throw arms in the air, rush to cry on social media about how they refuse to return to the office. Take for example the job sector of Financial Services.

Recently a bunch of executives in field have gone as far as saying they’ll quit before returning to the office.

Ain’t that a bit extreme?

Seriously, check this out from FOX Business:

Deloitte’s latest survey of executives at U.S. financial services institutions released Tuesday found 66% of respondents who either work from home full-time or have a hybrid schedule said they would leave their job if required to return to the office five days a week.

The comforts of home, wearing fuzzy slippers and pajamas, not paying for lunch or coffee and the best part is not sitting in morning/evening gridlock for wasted hours weekly saves one’s sanity.

Plus, if ya don’t have kids, who says ya gotta work from home and not some Vegas Hotel room or Cancun Beachside resort?

As long as the job gets done, does it really matter?

Not too mention, all these empty offices buildings, can’t tell me they can’t be rented to another company or better yet how about converting to living spaces? I think we’ve got plenty of overpriced housing and senior care centers, how about some much-needed cost-efficient housing?

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the overpriced stale sea-salt peanuts and turn down off the Top Gear re-runs when the boss calls



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