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August 24, 2023 – Today’s Inconsistent Thoughts (The Debate Hangover)


Raise your hand if you watched the GOP’er Presidential debate last night?

Well, let the hangover begin as the contracted talking heads tell ya who won / lost, who had the best one-liners and who needs to drop out before Labor Day weekend over the next few days.

Honestly, I watched it with open-mindedness, not picking / choosing a candidate but as the minutes ticked away, I was waiting for the knockout punch but only left to wonder is there anyone better out there?

These debates, regardless of Party, have become such a circus… No wait, that would be complimentary, they’ve become nothing more than grownups in a sandbox with each person kicking sand in another’s face and crying that they have the better sandcastle.

Simple observations:

  1. Why during the first 20 minutes did DeSantis have to yell his answers like a 3rd grader reading a book report?
  2. It was nice that Burgum brought along his pocket Constitution for prop.
  3.  Gotta love that everyone signed the “Loyalty Oath” to support whomever the Party candidate will be, but when asked if it’s Donnie only Christie and Hutchinson indicated they would not.
  4.  Haley proved each time she deserves to be on that stage.
  5. Pence is trying to be the new generation Reagan and it showed in his demeanor and body language.

The cheers and jeers towards Christie were loud and cannot be avoided from here on out. I gotta admit I enjoyed and understood his answers about Law, the Constitution and Donnie’s portrayal. It was obvious the crowd did not agree and that’s just the crowd’s knee jerk partisan reaction of protecting the Party.

It’s true and Christie said it right, the Law needs to be a set standard, no special deals whether it be Donnie Trump or Hunter Biden = LAW IS LAW. But unfortunately, the higher the economic level one is the sweeter the backroom deal becomes.

And who cares how much people are spending on Hunter Biden’s crappy paintings, if someone’s willing the pay for the cash then it’s their dumb fault.

As much as I was hoping Haley would’ve turned around and went into mom-mode by slapping the snot out of Vivek’s annoying sophomoric attitude, there was one topic I’m gonna partially agree with him on: Mental Illness.

I believe the question had to do with Violent Crime, but it’s to remember because no candidate every stay on topic and pretty much everyone was using it as a soap box in regard to the Southern Border. Um, folks, the way I heard the candidates they made it sound was that 90% of crime in US is coming from illegal aliens.

But Vivek brought up the lack of Mental Health facilities and it’s been a topic anytime there’s been a mass shooting or ultra-violent event. Yes, there is a lack in State Mental Health facilities to which Vivek addressed and his thought was bringing these institutions back at a federal level.


There are two major wrongs in this thought:

  1. GOP’ers rage against VA facilities for lack in care of our veterans why would we want Government involved in another health institution.
  2.  You’re a GOP candidate and you’re talking about expanding Government when you are supposed to be talking about cutting its size.

With all the talk about Donnie not being in attendance there was a Trump in attendance: Don Don Jr.

It seems Don Don Jr was there to represent daddy but was not allowed backstage in the spin zone because he didn’t have credentials only for the little man to cry foul that (yep you guessed it) FOX is rigging the debates against his father.

Hey dipshit, weren’t you paying attention, it was pretty simple only those at the debate and their staff gets a pass.

Those who watched will have their thoughts as to who won, more than likely it’s their candidate of choice who won, but for me it’s pretty easy to say (and it’s obvious) media is gonna push a tie between DeSantis and Vivek, only because they recv’d the most air time but I’m going on record and I’ll say it again, Haley proved she belongs on the stage, hoping she keeps pushing forward and plus I enjoyed the Thatcher quote “Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.”

All and all, this debate and further debates are gonna be more of the same; a place where child show up without adult supervision, a place where everyone agrees to break the game rules and a place where shock collars and cattle prods are needed to keep everyone in line because they’ll cry if you cut their mic.

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the popcorn and pay your political tab by staying openminded and realizing you’re not a law expect because you’ve watched Legally Blonde a dozen times.