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August 3, 2023: Today’s Inconsistent Thought (Let’s play catch up)


There’s been a few stories I’ve been sitting on, trying to grasp what the hell is going with people. So let’s have a go at it;

#1 Flag banning

The City Council of Hamtramck City has decided to use the label of “religious freedom” to stop public buildings from displaying the LGBTQ flag. But to be fair they stretched their thought to also include flags depicting political views and racism.

OK, so banning flags is a good thing, but I don’t see what harm of hanging a flag does to society.

So why not just ban all flags all together?

No, I don’t mean the banning Ol ‘Glory and State flags but how about no Sports Teams flags/banners during a championship run/championship victory.

I surely hope they’ll allow the “POW/MIA” flags to fly still.

But to add fuel to the fire someone’s always gotta open their mouth further. Council member Nadeem Choudhury stated that “LGBTQ+ individuals were welcome in the town” but questioned the need for the flag to be displayed on government property. He argued that LGBTQ+ individuals were already represented and that the focus on the ban as bigotry was counterproductive to fostering understanding.

Hamtramck mayor describes group that flew LGBTQ+ Pride flag as a 'militia'  ⋆ Michigan Advance

Look here’s my thought on the any displays in/on public property, it’s gonna offended someone and not everyone will be delighted.

How many times around the nation around Christmas di we hear about complaints about the Manger Scene in front of City Hall? Way too many times and it ain’t just those damn Atheists crying foul. There are many religious happenings going on around Christmas time, yet only one is on main display, so should we appease everyone?

Same goes for religion/pray in public school, if ya allow one ya gotta allow all because it’s “PUBLIC.”

#2 Why hate on the National Anthem

Ok so this truly isn’t hating on the National Anthem but it is about people protesting during it’s performance.

It came out that some on the US Women’s Soccer Team decided not to sing during the National Anthem during the Women’s World Cup. I guess it was in response to teammate Megan Rapinoe saying she wouldn’t sing as a means of “silent protest over inequality rights, LGBTQ rights and criminal justice reform.”

I’m sure there was too her answer as too why but some decided to stand unified with her and OMG! fans turned on them by wishing them too lose.

That’s awesome, why to be a fan.

Yes fans can cheer and jeer all they want, but it’s those that jeer I laugh at because they turn quickly when the wins pile up.

Look at fan protests over certain players. Go ahead burn that $300 NFL jersey in protest! Go ahead throw away your money in team merchandise in protest! Because the second that team or player scores the winning point or has that highlight reel moment ya know your cheering, ya know your digging through the trash to get those memorabilia back.

Protests in Sports have happened for decades it’s only within the past decade the fans are being louder than athlete/team.

US sport protests: Eight times American athletes took action - BBC Newsround


#3 Mask Up!

Why are people still wearing masks?

Sorry better question is why are people mocking other who are still wearing masks?

Honestly for me I can understand people are still wearing masks for many reasons. Maybe they have had respiratory issues and feel a mask helps them or maybe they previously had COVID and feel a mask will help in future prevention or that individual has allergy issues and wearing a mask helps them or how about it’s no one’s freakin’ business to know why?

OK that was a lot of assumptions but hopefully ya get my point and if not maybe you need not worry about others.

But I tell ya this, when dining out seriously do you want a sick waiter/waitress/cook/chef breathing/sneezing/coughing near your food, wouldn’t you rather have them wear a mask or will it make you feel vulnerable to illness?

And yes, I question those that are driving alone in their car while still wearing a mask, but then again, I can revert back to the respiratory statement for my answer.

That’s it, slap the tap and pay your political tab to save the planet from the assumption of stupidity because ya never know when the next protest may begin.