Monday, July 6, 2020
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Rep. Justin Amash: The Two-Party System Needs to Die

Of course the two party system has to die, but they control the money and the media. Besides everyone likes a label or else...

How Mexican Cartels Prey on Chicago’s Chaos

What, please tell me about how 'Murica's failed drug laws have fueled Chicago's homicide and gang issues - PB/TK How Mexican Cartels Prey on Chicago's...

The government needs to end its military “freebies” recruitment tactics

I've always believed there's more we should be doing for members of our military. Absolutely they deserve quality healthcare and the VA should extend...

Chris Christie Complains that ‘Beachgate’ Controversy Hurt His Children

Chris Christie says his kids blame themselves for daddy's faux paus that fateful day he took them to a public beach that he closed...

Why Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski isn’t afraid of Donald Trump

Alaska's Sen Murkowski is under fire for voting with her conscience and listening to her constituents who prior to Obamacare didn't have health insurance...

The Deep State War On Trump’s Foreign Policy Agenda

Gotta love the finger pointing ritual of Administrations for "information leaks." Nixon was one of the first POTUS' to openly complain of Admin leaks...

Congress asks U.S. agencies for Kaspersky Lab cyber documents

House panel requests that any US agency, contractors and subcontractors to turn over any communications and documents concerning product usage from Moscow based cyber...

After failed health-care vote, McConnell needs to go

Wrong! All the wrath of the GOP'ers must be pointed at the treacherous villains of McCain, Collins, and Murkowski. Its' their fault for not falling in...

Trump administration hopes NAFTA update won’t pit farms against manufacturers

$18 billion annual in Agriculture is at stake when NAFTA talks begin in August, so how is the US gonna save both Agriculture and...

Trump’s new chief of staff affirms Russia’s election meddling

Newly minted Chief of Staff (and formerly Homeland Sec) John Kelly has joined a couple other members of POTUS Donnie's admin in confirming there...