Beholden to No One – and Everyone (US News)


    Beholden to No One – and Everyone – By Susan Milligan (US News) / Nov 27 2020

    Election results and exit polls indicate that no single Democratic group can claim credit for Biden’s win. That means no single group can demand his Cabinet reflect their contributions.

    PROGRESSIVE VOTERS elected Joe Biden. Actually, it was Black women. No wait, it was young voters. And don’t forget – it was Latinos, too, despite data showing that a lackluster performance among Hispanics might have cost the president-elect an unneeded victory in Florida.

    The old saying that success has many fathers (or mothers), but failure is an orphan is especially true in a presidential campaign. And as Biden puts together his Cabinet, myriad groups – including those who weren’t exactly in his corner when he was trailing in the primaries – are now demanding representation.

    Progressives and youth groups are glad about the selection of high-profile women and racial and ethnic minorities to Biden’s team, but they also grouse about the number of familiar white male faces in top jobs.

    Dozens of House Democrats are pressing Biden to nominate a Native American to his Cabinet.

    Groups claiming that senior citizens were essential to Biden’s win are sending warning shots about potential picks to budget-related posts, insisting that Biden not appoint anyone who might consider cuts to Social Security or Medicare.



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