Ben Carson Compares Treatment Of Black Republicans To ‘The Days Of Slavery’ (Inquisitr)


    Ben Carson Compares Treatment Of Black Republicans To ‘The Days Of Slavery’ – By Connor Perrett (Inquisitr) / Nov 8 2019

    The former neurosurgeon made the comparison at an appearance Friday at the ‘Black Voices for Trump Coalition’ event in Atlanta.

    Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on Friday compared the treatment of black members of the Republican Party to slavery at an event for the Black Voices for Trump Coalition, an initiative kicked off Friday by President Trump’s re-election campaign.

    The news came in a tweet from CNN fact checker Daniel Dale, who was covering the event live on his Twitter page, where the president was expected to speak this afternoon.

    “Ben Carson says that today, people tell black conservatives that they’re bad people,” Dale tweeted at about 3:15 p.m. “He says this is like ‘the days of slavery,’ when ‘they told the ones in the house you’re better than the ones in the yard and the ones in the yard, ‘you’re better than the ones in the field.’”

    Carson, a former neurosurgeon who was one of many Republicans who ran against Trump for the Republican Party’s nomination in 2016, has a history of making controversial remarks. Per The Hill, Carson last week said political correctness would “destroy our nation” when asked to explain his previous remarks that were believed to be about transgender individuals.

    Rep. Jennifer Wexton, a Democrat from Virginia, reportedly pressed Carson about his comments at a hearing last month. Carson had reportedly warned of “big, hairy men” accessing women’s homeless shelters, which was speculated to be a remark about transgender people. When Wexton has pressed the HUD secretary, who asked if he would like to apologize for his remarks, the former neurosurgeon denied that his remarks were about transgender people.

    Carson, the only black cabinet member in the Trump White House and one of the longest-running officials in the administration’s tenure, was one of several speakers at the event for black Trump supporters Friday. According to tweets from Dale, the event also featured remarks from Vice President Mike Pence, who reportedly recounted some history of the Republican Party and the African American community as well as his own trip to Selma, Alabama.

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