Biden campaign facing heat over plans to deal with his age (Politico)


    Biden campaign facing heat over plans to deal with his age – By Elena Schneider, Holly Otterbein and Jonathan Lemire (Politico) / Nov 19, 2023

    Everyone recognizes there’s an issue. Not everyone thinks it’s critical. And there is no consensus on the best way to approach it.

    At the Democratic National Committee’s September fundraiser retreat, a donor pressed Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager, Quentin Fulks, about one of the more oft-discussed topics in party circles: the president’s age.

    How, the person asked during a question-and-answer session on the 2024 campaign, should donors handle the stream of concerns they’ve heard about it?

    Fulks acknowledged the obvious: You can’t change the age of the president, who will turn 81 on Monday. Instead, he advised the donor to focus on Biden’s historic accomplishments.

    Fulks’ response, which was described by four people who attended the session, was well-received by those who see his age as a mark of his deep experience — and met with disagreement by others, who fear not enough is being done to remind voters that former President Donald Trump is just three-and-a-half years younger. All told, it highlighted a larger dynamic currently facing the party: Not everyone is sure what the right playbook is for handling the president’s most sensitive vulnerability


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