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Biden Hands Over ‘Major Prize’ in Latest Hostage Deal (Townhall)


Biden Hands Over ‘Major Prize’ in Latest Hostage Deal – By Katie Pavlich (Townhall) / Dec 20, 2023

The White House announced the details of a hostage exchange with Venezuela Wednesday afternoon with a statement from President Joe Biden.

“Today, ten Americans who have been detained in Venezuela have been released and are coming home, including all six wrongfully detained Americans. These individuals have lost far too much precious time with their loved ones, and their families have suffered every day in their absence. I am grateful that their ordeal is finally over, and that these families are being made whole once more,” Biden said. “Additionally, a fugitive named Leonard Francis, who fled the United States before he could be sentenced for his lead role in a brazen bribery and corruption case – was extradited from Venezuela so that he will face justice for crimes he committed against the U.S. Government and the American people.”

“As we welcome home our fellow citizens, I must also remind all Americans of the long-standing warning against traveling to Venezuela. Americans should not travel there,” he continued.

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