Biden pledges more than $5B to support rural America (UPI)


    Biden pledges more than $5B to support rural America – By Amy R. Connolly (UPI) / Nov 1, 2023

    Nov. 1 (UPI) — President Joe Biden pledged more than $5 billion to sparsely populated areas of the United States on Wednesday to support new climate-smart agricultural techniques, infrastructure upgrades, high-speed internet and new jobs.

    Biden, with U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, announced the new initiative in Minnesota as part of his administration’s two-week campaign across rural America. Some of the spending includes:

    • $1.7 billion to help farmers, ranchers and foresters develop new revenue streams with climate-smart agricultural techniques, including growing crops that naturally sequester carbon and improve soil quality, farming in a way that limits soil disturbance and creating riparian buffers to protect nearby waterways from pollutants.



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