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Biden’s Fun Police Outlaw Roadside Humor (PJ Media)


Biden’s Fun Police Outlaw Roadside Humor – By Athena Thorne (PJ Media) / Jan 17, 2024

“Puritanism,” journalist H.L. Mencken famously quipped, is “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” A century later, Puritanism has surely been replaced by Progressivism, and the mirthless prigs in our progressive government are doing their best to stamp out joy.

God forbid anyone enjoy a light-hearted laugh as they trudge along on the daily treadmill of life. When you’re driving down the highway in late October, say, why should you enjoy a chuckle at a sign reminding you to “Make mummy happy, buckle up,” when you can instead be bleakly chided, “UNBUCKLED SEAT BELTS FINE + POINTS.”

Here comes the government to fix more problems we didn’t know we had. Policy wonks have been busy updating the rules, and now funny variable message signs (VMS) such as these must go from the wayside:

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