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Biden’s ‘Trump’ Plan is Backfiring (Front Page Mag)


Biden’s ‘Trump’ Plan is Backfiring – By Daniel Greenfield (Front Page Mag) / Nov 15, 2023

Biden hoped to make 2024 into an election referendum on Trump, not on him.

With high unpopularity numbers brought about by a miserable economy, rising crime and a mass invasion at the border, Biden only had two arguments for his reelection campaign.

The first was that he was the incumbent and the second was Trump.

The incumbent argument was an appeal to tradition but wouldn’t move a party already burned by nominating Hillary Clinton in 2016. Both the Dems and the GOP are tired of nominating ‘next-in-line’ candidates, e.g. McCain, Dole, Hillary Clinton, Biden, who have nothing to recommend them except seniority.

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