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Border Agents on Alert After 10 IEDs Recovered (PJ Media)


Border Agents on Alert After 10 IEDs Recovered – By Lincoln Brown (PJ Media) / Dec 15, 2023

We live in an odd time. Ours is the era caught between the normal life of the past and a dystopian future. We are watching things come to pass that, less than a decade ago, most of us would never have envisioned. We have front-row seats to the devolution of society. I will spare you the litany of those things that have gone awry in the past few years as America and the world approach terminal velocity.

Aside from 9/11, Pearl Harbor, Japanese incursions into Alaska, and balloon bombs during the Second World War, for the most part, combat has been unknown on or close to American soil. In fact, we now have a generation of people who know little, if anything about 9/11.

The concept that a foreign agent or power would commit an act of war in or even near the United States has seemed for so long to be impractical and impossible. Some would like to believe that 9/11 was a fluke. Nothing like that could ever happen again. Hamas is a liberation organization, and everyone who crosses the border illegally is just here to make a better life for themselves. Only a racist, xenophobic conservative would ever believe otherwise.

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