Border negotiators fire back at conservative critics (The Hill)


    Border negotiators fire back at conservative critics – By Al Weaver (The Hill) / Jan 31, 2024

    Senate negotiators are growing increasingly frustrated by what they say is widespread misinformation surrounding the emerging border package and are forcefully pushing back.

    Lawmakers involved in talks have been crafting the bill for months, but the chorus of opposition has grown louder in recent weeks. This has left proponents of the border package, who have been hesitant to get into the nitty-gritty of a bill that has yet to be released, behind the eight ball.

    Now they have started to issue more strenuous rebukes as they move closer to releasing the final bill text in the coming days.

    That comes amid a torrent of attacks from former President Trump and indications from Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) that the bill could be dead on arrival in the House.



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