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Campaign 2016; Can We Get A Do-Over Or Are We Being Punk’d?


I remember my first time going to the voting booth; the feeling of how I was about to make a difference was joyous. Of course that was Bush Vs. Clinton and yet today I feel sorrow for those about to do the same and but having to choose between a variance of Clinton/Sanders Vs. Trump/Cruz.

Sorry you truly may be on a new version of Punk’d.

Yes pundits can blame President Obama, the DC establishment and even the insurgent groups like the Tea Party for the electorate discourse of today’s candidate debacle but let’s me be perfectly clear, we as a society with our Social Media/Reality TV/Pseudo Celebrity loving are the true cause of current Donald Trump phenomenon. I hate saying it but we are on a crash course that by the 2044 Presidential election our choices could be Honey Boo-Boo v. North West (Kardashian).

Yes, the “Idiocracy” runs amuck this campaign season and everyone needs an enema.

I can safely admit that I am comfortable with my decision to not cast a vote for Donnie Trump if he is anointed the GOP candidate come November 2016, but my decision is simple because I simply do not like the man. Never have, never will.

Please hold your “Hiel Trump” verbal attacks because I just don’t care for your pledge.

Anyone who has known me for any amount of length knows I have never cared for the gentleman even before he announced his plans to run for president. I’ve always seen him as an arrogant attention starved media grabbing publicity stunt whore for the longest time. Whether it was his NBC produced “Apprentice” or his stints inside the WWE ring, his puffer fish tanning booth appearance has always given me the hives. Actually it’s funny that many of those who complain about President Obama’s lack of government knowledge arrogant media fetish are enjoying Trump’s equivalence.

But alas Trump is a publicity god and the Media has created a collective circle jerk for ratings.

Look I give him “Yuge” credit for his real estate business ventures and I applaud his successes. I give him credit for his business failures as well. Hey, everyone’s gotta try another avenue to greater riches, but simply slapping your name on a product and thinking the public will run to buy it is as genius as New Coke.

Who does he think he is, KISS?

He’s a 21st century version of Gary Hart, almost daring the Media to dig into his closet. Yet, unlike Hart any bones in the closet for Trump turns into polling increase.
As I stated with Willard Mitt Romney in 2012, I understand you’re a successful businessman, but explain to me a failure/venture that didn’t go as planned and how you learned from that mistake to capitalize on the next one. But neither Romney nor Trump will answer such a question.

It’s obvious that both did not make golden deals on everything. Yet when ask during a recent debate Trump couldn’t answer the question while the cast of characters on stage attempted to answer “truthfully.” He spewed nonsense about “he only hires the best” to do those jobs and any failure is on them not him.

Sorry Donnie I’m calling bullshit on that excuse. Your name is on the product/contract, it’s your signature on the contract. You signed off on the deal regardless of its failing or pending lawsuit.

Water that taste like paint thinner.

Steaks that taste like flavored cardboard.

A cheap board game knock off of Monopoly.

The vineyard is not the largest on the East Coast, he doesn’t even own.

Yes, brand placement is essential. Location! Location! Location! And for Donnie he’ll lease his name to anyone willing to pay the price but that can have consequences because if it fails, he’ll get pegged in that failure. Trump branded products exist and great example is that Trump International Golf Clubs in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s financial woes have been in the news for quite some time now and the two golf clubs that licensed the Trump brand were in $78 million debt due to Puerto Rico’s tourism going belly up. They filed for bankruptcy in July 2015 and by November 2015 were approved to be sold for $2.2 million.

Just seeing the name on the course would have the casual observer point and laugh or surely make some sort of meme to bounce around the interweb, which in turn would be yet another question asked at debate or campaign propaganda by an opponent.

**Personal note: How to get rich quick idea #- 897968: let business lease your name for profit. Then again Kelly Sewage and Trailer Park doesn’t have a clean sound to it.**
Donnie’s best at what he knows but even that’s questionable.

His name might be on many a building or golf course, but that doesn’t mean he actually owns the property. Of the close to 20 buildings in Manhattan that bear his name in massive letters, he actually owns 2 and listed as “developer” of another 6. The rest are leasing his name. According to a few articles of the 17 golf courses that have his name on them, only 7 are actually owned by Donnie.

Even though he is being attacked by pundits and candidate alike for past statements, he still comes out golden. Hell it took a good 6 months for him to own up on some statements and by simply saying he’s “flexible” and that’s what has helped him be so successful. I’ve always loved the notion that if a Democrat changes their mind it’s a flip-flop yet if a Republican does so it’s “maturing” or now known as being “flexible” and the Media, along with their flock buy into it.

That flexibility seems to be very evident when it’s the argument over H1-B visa exchanges. OK so Donnie got caught in the spin cycle on employing foreign workers after attacking Facebook, Disney and Google for using the practice. But he explained that it is “really hot in Florida and couldn’t find anyone to work” at the resort so he hired foreign workers is a head-to-desk moment. He blatantly called Floridians lazy on national TV, wanted cheap labor and no one called him out.

But cheap labor, that’s the clincher as to why many companies employ foreign workers; pay lower wages and not having to pay/offer benefits equals profit and now Donnie is calling himself the expert on the policy.

I can keep going on with all the issues with a Donnie candidacy but it still amazes me that with a few months left in the 2016 campaign that he’s game plan of “I’m rubber You’re glue” playground tactics are propelled him to the highchair (or is that high chair) of the GOP!

How can one man have so many pending lawsuits and still be in the “want” to sit at the biggest chair in the nation? Oh wait forgot, Hillary’s still running yet the Trumpeteers or folk or whatever they call themselves will defend his faults as non compliant as they attack Hillary’s issue in same breathe. Sorry folks but from Rubio’s personal finance to Cruz’s birthplace to O’Malley’s removal of furniture from Governor’s Mansion all is fair to be scrutinized.

If I wanted another pompous arrogant attention starved media whore president, I’d be campaigning for Joe Biden right now, but I believe we do not need that person. Media loves Donnie and Media are whores for ratings too which he brings, yet in time he’s golden luster will wear off as did President Obama’s. How many people are gonna love President Donnie when he preempts the Young and Restless for an afternoon press conference?

That’s it, I broke my cardinal rule of writing more than can be read during the normal crap. So slap the tap on some Snake Venom, grab a burrito and how long is that flight delay to Canada?


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