Central Park’s ‘Julius Caesar’ depicts Roman dictator as Trump


    The Arts have portrayed US Presidents in many light; they’ve been factual, comic relief and even a vampire slayer so why not depict one as a modern day Julius Caesar – PB/TK

    Central Park’s ‘Julius Caesar’ depicts Roman dictator as Trump – By FOX 5 / June 12 2017

    NEW YORK –  Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” is a political thriller and the version now being performed by The Public Theater in Central Park doesn’t skimp on drama.
    In this case, though, the drama isn’t about the plot, which was written some 400 years ago, but about the way Julius Caesar, an ancient Roman dictator, is depicted: in a business suit with an American flag pin, a long tie, and reddish-blond hair.
    In Shakespeare’s story, Caesar is violently stabbed in the back by rival politicians, and the fact that this version’s Caesar bears a striking resemblance to President Trump is raising eyebrows.
    “I don’t advocate violence on the president of the U.S. no matter what party they’re in,” said Pamela Sims, who was waiting in line for free tickets outside the Delacorte Theater.

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