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Cheddar, The “Post-Cable Network,” Is Coming To Cable TV


If your demographic is for those that do not own a cable box, then why go to cable to be viewed. – PB/TK

Cheddar, The “Post-Cable Network,” Is Coming To Cable TV  – By Alex Kantrowitz / June 4 2017

Cheddar, a digital-only financial news network that bills itself as “the leading post-cable network,” is coming to traditional TV. The company signed a deal with Fusion to air two hours of daily weekday programming on Fusion’s cable television channel starting later this month, making it available via major distributors including Dish, DirecTV, and Verizon Fios.

The move is intriguing since Cheddar’s mission, until this point, has been to cater to people without cable boxes. The network has streamed free on Facebook, Twitter, Cheddar.com, and other streaming services. And last year it added a paid option for extra hours of programming. This new push into traditional television may be viewed by critics as an admission that the current slew of digital platforms aren’t big enough to support Cheddar’s $83 million valuation.

But Cheddar CEO Jon Steinberg (a former BuzzFeed executive) told BuzzFeed News he was willing to break with his digital orthodoxy for an opportunity that could increase the reach and awareness of his network, especially since Fusion won’t require exclusive content. “I’m the king of strong opinions loosely held,” Steinberg said. “It’s a great network. It caters to a young audience. It’s on all these systems. They were excited to work with me. I’m excited to work with them. Why not?”

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