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Chris Loesch Determines Man With Neo-Nazi Tattoos is ‘ANTIFA’ (Right Wing Watch)


Chris Loesch Determines Man With Neo-Nazi Tattoos is ‘ANTIFA’ – By Jared Holt (Right Wing Watch) / June 4 2020

Chris Loesch, an outspoken right-wing activist, assessed a contextless photo of a man with neo-Nazi tattoos ​at a protest against the police killing of George Floyd, a black man, and determined that the individual pictured must be ​an anti-fascist activist.

The husband and manager of right-wing broadcaster and former National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch​, Chris Loesch has presented on stage at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, conservatives’ largest conference, ​multiple times​. At CPAC​ in 2012, Chris Loesch even suited up in a colonial wig and tracksuit to join right-wing talk host Steven Crowder for a ​“patriotic” rap number.​

Chris Loesch presented a contextless image of a woman recording a cell phone video of a man with tattoos of a swastika on his chest and the words “White Pride” on his neck on Twitter Wednesday and declared, “When I see that goon I see ANTIFA.” “Antifa” is a colloquial term often used to refer to pockets of local autonomous groups that appear at protests to confront fascist, bigoted, and anti-democratic forces​–including Nazis and white supremacists.

When questioned by another Twitter user who wrote, “In all fairness, I haven’t seen ANTIFA sporting swastikas,” Chris Loesch replied​, “Swastikas and Hammer & Cicle are historically the same in terms of evil, horrors and atrocities committed in the name of Socialism.”


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