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Chrissy Teigen Goes Off on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Over Time 100 Rant, Calls Her a ‘White Supremacist’ (Daily Beast)


Chrissy Teigen Goes Off on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Over Time 100 Rant, Calls Her a ‘White Supremacist’ – By Barbie Latza Nadeau (Daily Beast) / April 18 2019

The Fox News host bizarrely criticized Time for including Teigen on their 100 Influential list because she said a curse word, so Thursday morning Teigen fired back.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham was clearly appalled that Chrissy Teigen was named one of Time magazine’s top 100 influential people. “Speaking of glamour, model and wife of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, was also chosen as one of the 100 most influential,” Ingraham said on her program, making air quotes when she said the word “influential.” The Fox host went on to describe Teigen as “also known for her vicious attacks on President Trump.”

But Ingraham, who was not on Time’s list, seemed most infuriated that Teigen’s write-up included a reference to food and the word “fuck.”

“She was chosen, according to the profile, because quote, all her life Chrissy Teigen has liked to eat. She’s not shy about that or anything else really.”

Ingraham then added, “Well that’s nice, and innovative, I guess … eating.”“But did most Americans like her take on female empowerment during last week’s Democratic Retreat?” Ingraham asked before showing a clip from a recent interview in which Teigen said that the one thing women should say more is “Fuck you.”

Ingraham then looked shocked and responded, “Well. Ok then.”

The clip made Twitter rounds and Teigen herself responded by tweeting, “Corny monster. There were 1 million other ways to try and take me down and this is what you choose? Fuck you.”

She later added, “When time comes out with their 100 most influential white supremacists list, I promise I won’t question your worthiness, @IngrahamAngle.”

And Teigen capped things off by sharing a GIF of Ingraham addressing the crowd at the 2016 Republican National Convention with what many found to be eerily similar to a Nazi Sieg Heil salute.

Back in September of last year, Ingraham’s brother Curtis told The Daily Beast that he thinks his sister is “a monster”; claimed that she used to mock her black roommate at Dartmouth by “speaking jive”; and insinuated that she was a “Nazi sympathizer” like their father.

Teigen, meanwhile, donated $20,000 on Wednesday to a crowdfunding campaign to rebuild three black churches in Louisiana that were burnt down. The campaign was spread on Twitter by journalist Yashar Ali, and her donation helped the fundraiser hit its $1.8 million target.



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