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CNN Host Goes Off on Fox News for Spreading COVID ‘Misinformation’ (The Daily Beast)


CNN Host Goes Off on Fox News for Spreading COVID ‘Misinformation’ – By Justin Baragona (The Daily Beast) / Sept 17 2020

“Misinformation is a virus unto itself. And Fox News is the vector,” the outspoken CNN anchor declared on Thursday.

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar on Thursday afternoon tore into rival cable-news network Fox News for misinforming the public and President Donald Trump on the coronavirus pandemic, calling the channel a “vector” for the “virus” of “misinformation.”

Keilar, who has recently carved out a niche for herself as a combative interviewer who regularly calls out Team Trump and Fox News, took aim at the conservative network for influencing the president with faux science and contrarianism on the virus that’s killed nearly 200,000 Americans.

“We have pointed out that millions go to Fox News for information, or should I say misinformation, and that includes president,” she said during Thursday’s broadcast of CNN Newsroom. “If you only watched Fox News, you might think hydroxychloroquine is to coronavirus what Tylenol is to a headache, or that gathering in large crowds indoors without masks is safe.”

The CNN anchor then played a clip of frequent Laura Ingraham guest Dr. Ramin Oskoui declaring Wednesday night that there are “decades of medical science” that show “masks do nothing” to stem the spread of the virus. (Oskoui, by the way, is one of the doctors Ingraham brought to the White House to convince Trump to push hydroxychloroquine, which has shown to be ineffective, as a COVID-19 treatment.)

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