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CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out Brian Stelter On Twitter (Daily Caller)


CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Out Brian Stelter On Twitter – By Justin Caruso (dailycaller.com) / Jan 6 2018

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out fellow CNN commentator Brian Stelter on Twitter Saturday over Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” after Stelter said “many Trump experts say the book ‘rings true’ overall.”

Tapper responded:

He also followed up with another tweet:

However, it looks like the two CNN commentators were okay, as Stelter retweeted Tapper’s criticisms.

Wolff’s book has caused a crack up within the White House and political media, leading many to question President Trump’s mental state and criticize the presidency in general, while some have questioned claims and stories from the book and challenged Wolff’s reliability

Brian Stelter has also admitted that there may be unreliable information in the book, stating on CNN this week, “There are definitely reasons to be skeptical. And I think Sarah Sanders has a point has a point about the John Boehner reference in the book, the idea that Trump said ‘Who’s that?’ when Roger Ailes or someone brought up John Boehner.”

He added, “That does seem strange, that doesn’t seem reliable. But there are many on the record quotes that have not been denied or disputed in this book. This book paints a consistent portrait, that many other reporters have been painting for months, about the president’s incompetence and instability.”


PB/TK – Let me try to wrap my head around this.. The book has factual quotes that no one is denying, it’s everything else that’s wrong. So Bannon could’ve said “Donnie’s a complete asshole and he grabbed me by the d*ck in the lobby at Trump Tower that fall day” and not be disputed but what’s being disputed is when/where/how Bannon actually said it



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