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Conservatives Are Mastering the Media War (Hot Air)


Conservatives Are Mastering the Media War – By David Strom (Hot Air) / Jan 5, 2024

The mainstream media has been at war with conservatives for as long as I have been alive, but for most of that time, they have been in such a dominant position that they were able to be relatively subtle about their disgust with the deplorables.

Before the proliferation of cable channels and the narrowcasting that developed, the media had to pretend to play it down the middle. Would it play in Peoria? was the standard by which they calibrated their pitch. By the Bush years, that standard was breaking down; by 2016, it was out the window.

During the Trump years, the media began to let their freak flag fly, making it clear that they hated not just Trump but anybody who tolerated him. For years, the media massaged their style to appear fair; since Trump got into the presidential race in 2015, the media’s hatred for all things Republican (not just MAGA) is there for all to see.

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