Coronavirus prompts these CEOs to give up their salaries (FOX Business)


    Coronavirus prompts these CEOs to give up their salaries – By Thomas Barrabi (FOX Business) / March 27 2020

    AMC, Boeing, GE among CEOs foregoing pay

    A growing number of CEOs are foregoing their salaries as U.S. companies contend with financial difficulties during the coronavirus outbreak.

    Coronavirus has had devastating financial consequences for hotels, restaurants, airlines and various other industries forced to alter operations to slow the spread of the virus. Social distancing practices and bans on mass gatherings have forced widespread temporary store closures.

    Without a steady source of revenue, many businesses have conducted layoffs or garnished employee wages to conserve resources. The Trump administration has worked with congressional leaders on a bailout package designed to provide much-needed relief to embattled industries and small businesses.

    In some cases, top business leaders have forfeited their base salaries to ease the financial burden.

    FOX Business takes a look at companies whose CEOs have given up their pay during the coronavirus outbreak below.

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